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Why Dental Implants Are The Best Option For Permanent Tooth Replacement

For people who have experienced missing one or more teeth, having a gap in their smile is the least of their problems. Losing teeth heightens your risk of oral infection and affects the way that you speak as well as chew and digest food. The loss of your teeth also opens up the possibility of deteriorating your jawbone and weakening your other natural teeth in the process.

Because of these consequences, many dentists, including our very own Dr. Phillip Bleak of Carver Smiles in Carver, MA, commonly recommend dental implants as the perfect solution for lost teeth. Here are some reasons why.

Restores the Entire Tooth

Other dental replacement procedures recreate the damaged and visible portion of the tooth. Aesthetically, it looks amazing. However, there is still the issue of preserving the jawbone, which holds all your other teeth. The natural reaction of the body is to reabsorb the nutrients from the portion of the jawbone corresponding to the lost tooth. This will result in a shallow and sunken face appearance and cause your other natural teeth to shift position.

Dental implants prevent all of these from happening because they restore the entire tooth, including its root, which is replaced by the small titanium post. This post is embedded into the jawbone and eventually fuses with it to take on the role of the tooth root.

Permanent Solution

Dental implants are a permanent solution to missing teeth and can last your entire lifetime if cared for properly. The procedure is capable of restoring anywhere from a single tooth to a full arch of teeth using only a minimal number of titanium posts. Cleaning them is likewise simple.

To ensure their longevity, however, your gums and teeth will be thoroughly examined before the treatment is carried out. X-rays will be performed to ascertain the condition of your jawbone. Your dentist in Carver, MA, will need to make certain that your jawbone is healthy enough to support the dental implant. Additionally, the images likewise help to establish the position for the implant posts in your jawbone.

Natural Fit

Dental implants do not only look and feel like your natural teeth. They also restore the functionality of your teeth by supporting your bite force. All of these are achieved with minimal interruption to your dental health. The natural fit of an implant likewise makes it almost undetectable as you benefit from the restored functionality of speaking and eating. The crown part of dental implants could also be crafted in such a way that they don’t only match the color of your natural teeth, but also their size and shape.

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