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"Dr. Bleak and staff are some of the nicest people around, since I've been going to them you make an appointment and it always seems to be on time, and they always talk to you like a person not a number and they do great work, I have been letting people know about them when I hear stories about people being unhappy with there own dentist to give him a try, you won’t be disappointed"

- F.F.

"Carver Smiles is an excellent place for all your dentistry needs. I began bringing my son there a few years ago and decided, after going to several bad offices with terrible experiences, that I would make the switch myself. After a few years of dental self neglect I was afraid of what I might get into but Dr. Bleak and his staff were very understanding and accommodating. They were very thorough and took the time to explain what was needed. There was no pressure and I was also given an appropriate time line of what to expect and what could wait! Others have recommended them to me and I recommend their office as well!"

- S.B.

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