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Consider Trying Professional Teeth Whitening

If your smile looks dull and dingy, others will notice it. Wouldn't you like to be known for a friendly, bright smile? At Carver Smiles in Carver, MA, Dr. Philip Bleak, and his staff offer both in-office and take-home professional teeth whitening. It's a safe cosmetic treatment that produces impressive results.

How do teeth get stains?

After all, tooth enamel is hard, isn't it? While this is true, it's also porous, holding on to darkly colored proteins from foods such as curry and blackberries and drinks such as cola, tea, and coffee.

Tobacco smoke is a big no-no as well (besides being bad for your health and making your breath smell). Neglect tooth brushing, flossing, and professional cleanings for an extended time, and there's the perfect recipe for stubborn dental stains.

Is dental staining hopeless?

No, just talk to the friendly team at Carver Smiles. Dr. Bleak has used professional teeth whitening services to brighten smiles all over the Carver, MA, area. Safe and long-lasting, professional teeth whitening really works, improving tooth color by several shades. Go from dull to sparkling in just one visit! Alternatively, choose take-home whitening trays to improve your smile on your own time and in your own private space.

Both versions use highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide in gel form. Applied in the office or by you at home, this gel deactivates discolorations, literally releasing them from tooth surfaces. Sensational!

Plus, because your dentist examines you ahead of time, you know this economical aesthetic service won't harm your teeth or gums. You really cannot say that about mall kiosk whitening or over the counter products.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) states that because professional teeth whitening has been fully tested and used for years, trust that you'll have great results. Even people with sensitive teeth can undergo today's whitening services.

To keep it white...

Practice consistent oral hygiene at home, and come to our office for a cleaning and check-up semi-annually. Cut down on cola, tea, coffee, and the favorite foods which tend to stain your teeth. Of course, smoking and chewing tobacco are totally off-limits; so why not ask your doctor about ways to quit the habit?

Consider professional teeth whitening

Call our Carver, MA, office at (508) 866-5550 for a cosmetic dentistry consultation with Dr. Philip Bleak. He'll answer your questions so you make a good decision. 

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